July 25th, 5pm, Open Mind Art Space


Daniela Maya, Producer, Q-Grader, Director of Specialty Coffee Production

If you’re a regular at Good People you’ve been part of our journey to seek the best coffees available for us to serve to you. Honestly, this is something we talked about doing and never expected it to happen so quickly. Noah and Chuck had the privilege to meet Daniela of Accresco at a cupping table in the summer of 2018, she had some many great coffees that we started using her coffees at the cafe by September of 2018.

We were taken aback on the level of consistency we would get bag after bag, and not that Daniela and Emilio didn't already promise this, but it is coffee, and at the end of the day this is still the product of a fruit and biologically speaking, things can change.

In November, Good People was invited to the Los Angeles Coffee Festival, since it was donated to us we didn’t want to make it about us, with 3 days notice we reached out to our community and we had a full cupping table, living room, DJ, artist painting, and our coffee producer. It was such a rewarding experience. We even had the chance to work on the LaMarzocco Booth and serve Daniela’s coffee while she gave samples the same coffee and shared her stories to all that hung out in our lounge.

Daniela Maya, Salgar Colombia

Daniela Maya, Salgar Colombia

Fast forward to February 2019, Daniela and Emilio invited us to Colombia to meet the entire family behind this amazing coffee and to see the farms, the wet mills, dry mills, the ins and outs of the entire operations. We were blown away. There is one word that echos the experience there. Excellence. Nothing less than that.

Absolute excellence.

To us, excellence is diligence over time, that is what the Maya family is.

This experience was so empowering and encouraging that we fast paced our plans to start phase two of Good People… Coffee roasting. We wanted to get there by 2020, mostly because of the complex the business aspect is.

This too has been a hit, we’ve received great reviews and feedback, we’ve choose a modest approach working on one coffee variety at a time, and closely monitoring the quality of each small batch. We’re learning a lot and it’s been very very exciting.

What To Expect

  • 5pm: Coffee & Cocktail Service, Ice Breaker

  • 6pm: Meet The Producer: An Insight on Speciality Coffee Farming & Producing

  • 7pm: Questions & Answers with Daniela Maya (submit questions here)

  • 8pm: Sensory and Palate Development & Sneak Peak of a New Coffee to the Americas

  • 9pm: Party: Cocktails & Appetizers

Who Is Welcome

  • Everyone that loves coffee

  • This event will be open to community and industry alike

  • All topics, setting and pieces of information has been curated for both consumer and professional