before you order…

our menu is 100% designed for you to ask us...
wait... what's a dirty fluffy?

we want to talk to you, we aint starbucks or the other guys. we don't have splenda, we don't use any product that has chemicals we can't spell, and one of us has a degree in agriculture.

no, our menu was designed by our community, it has drinks that are classic with a Good People twist... for example, yeah we have what Larry David would call "the vanilla bullshit" but our vanilla bullshit has bourbon soaked apple hickory chips that have been smoked and simmered in alkaline water with Tahitian vanilla pods, cause why not?

we make our own, chai (12 raw indian ingredients, we call it chai kwon doe), nut milk, vanilla and well as our sauces, teas and syrups.

The Chuck / Rotating Menu
This menu started when we first opened and didn't know how this community took their coffees. I'm a firm believer that I'm not the one that gonna tell you how to drink, my job is to source the best, serve you the best and introduce you to different options as we develop a trust.
With this being said it start as quad vanilla caps for our friends from cage the elephant to what basically is a deconstructed iced cortado that is served in an iced cold shot glass... i don't want to say more because you just need to get here and order The Sebo.

This menu is designed to wow you, impress you with our mixology skills. This menu is always rotating, baristas compete to get on this menu, you definitely don't want to miss out.