the good people


"it's my opinion that good people make good coffee"


Good People isn't really about us, but rather the people that we partner with, that starts with the team, that translates into the roasters we work with, then consequently the farms that we partner with.

In using coffee as the staple that brings these relationships together we start we putting the value of person and character before skill or talent. In considering this we are a team of hard working coffee professionals, and we intentionally add to the team people that we love vibing with, that have a true passion for people and a desire to learn the art of coffee.


Chuck Herrera, Owner & Barista

Coming from a background of design and music, Chuck introduces a unique perspective to how coffee should be served and purchased. Spending several years design for the beverage industry, he quickly feel in love with third wave coffee and he spent years freelancing out of coffee shops and witnessing the energy specialty coffee brought to others as well. Chuck spent years tasting specialty coffee through his travels and playing with an AeroPress. 

For thirteen years he volunteered as a music instructor for underprivileged kids in latin communities. He was able to teach dozens of middle school and high school kids music, working as a band, sound and audio set up for events and concerts and developed his own teaching techniques and methods for churches in need of a music program.

In 2013 he traveled to Kenya for the first time and quickly feel in love with the people and culture from where some of his favorite coffees come from. He started rethinking his strategy for how to bring awareness and financial support to Africa and within a year he quit his full-time job as Creative Director and started working in coffee, first roasting then focused on the art of bar work. 

Chuck quickly worked his way up the coffee ranks and in 2015 moved back to Los Angeles to focus on cafe management, completion and learning the Los Angeles coffee scene. Before opening Good People he took 2nd at the 2016 Anything Goes Barista Comp, spoke at the Los Angeles Coffee Con, and is the active director of The Los Angeles TNT.

When not on bar Chuck is usually spending time with Jenna and Carter, looking for the next new killer coffee or dish, cycling or attempting to jiu jitsu 


Tyler Sylvestre, Coffee Director

Tyler grew up in Sacramento – “The most underrated city!”, He is always quick to proclaim. It was there that he got his start in specialty coffee, working for Insight Coffee Roasters at the age of 18. Tyler quickly blossomed as a barista and coffee educator, and dedicated his passion towards educating fellow coffee professionals and consumers on the technical and scientific aspects of the industry.

Eventually Tyler moved to Los Angeles and completed his degree in Plant Science at California Polytechnic University – Pomona. Due to his education in both agriculture and lab sciences, Tyler has been able to apply his knowledge of chemistry and biology to improve the standards of coffee extraction at Good People.

Tyler’s other interests have lead him to accomplish many other things outside of the coffee industry. He currently holds sommelier status as a wine professional, brews his own beer, hikes cross-country, and might run a marathon from time to time. Stop in and say hi, so he can make you laugh (or cringe) over one of his terrible jokes.