our story

Good People has a fun story. We'll start with the name.
In 2017, when we were trying to decide what the name of the shop was going to be, Chuck and Jenna were having a conversation about who they wanted to partner for things such as coffee purveyors, staff, so on and so forth. As Chuck described each person, at the end he'd finish the description of that person by saying, "They are good people."

"Buena Gente, is what we say in Spanish when we vouch for someone. As Hispanics, we have a strong belief that our word has weight. When you vouch for someone... that's like a co-sign from us." (Chuck Herrera)

Jenna instantly said... "Let's call the shop Good People." That's where we became a coffee company.
We didn't want to be held down by the title "shop." We believe we are much more than that. We believe we are a space, a community... a lot of things to a lot of people. Coffee is the conduit that unites us people, all people.

Good People is a place to get some coffee or learn more about the origin of coffee. Good People is where some come to learn how to modify espresso extraction based on the portion of milk it will accompany, others love iced oat vanilla bullshits and take a bottle home to make it at home all week. Good People is you – it's me – it's all of us.

When you visit us, we hope to meet and exceed your expectations and that you get to experience how special coffee is and how special you are.



Chuck Herrera // Owner & Creative Director

Chuck comes from a diverse background of design, music and non-profit service. He left his career in 2014 to turn his coffee hobby into a career.

In a short time Chuck was managing multi locations coffee shops, served as a barista at Menotti’s, was the Director of Education and Wholesale for Bar Nine and guest speaker and educator at several coffee expos and conventions.

Chuck can be found on bar, teaching, or working on the next Good People project. Off the clock he’s usually with is family and trying the next thing to excite his palate.



Josh Thierry // Retail Manager

Josh is an Orange County native and expat whose coffee career began in 2014. Ever since his first experience with espresso and first time enjoying a naturally processed coffee he's been hooked. Through working in coffee he has gained experience in many aspects of the industry including roasting and has loved every opportunity to be a part of the complex world of producing and serving coffee. He loves learning new methods of manipulating coffee and being able to work with others to create positive and meaningful experiences around coffee.

Josh is proud to being serving the West LA/Sawtelle area and to be able to share his passions with his coworkers and community.

When he's not working he can be found wandering the vast Southern Californian region in search of vibrant neighborhoods, food and chill coffee spots.



Noah Castellanos // Roast Manager

Noah was born and raised in Fullerton before moving to the Inland Empire where he started his coffee career via a friend who pushed him to volunteer at a coffee shop in late 2015. He fell in love with the hustle, community and craft which led him to take serious endeavor in coffee. Moving through the ranks of managing Canabru, barring at Portola and reformatting Lift Coffee Roasters as a General Manager & Director of Operations, he now resides in West LA serving the good people in his community.

Outside of coffee, Noah likes adventuring, music production and food that excites the palate.